Idea Generation
Idea generation is the heart & soul of GFA. We provide the wings to the imagination and creativity of our scholars to create, develop, and communicate the ideas.
Global Education
We enhance the child’s perception and observation to define social justice and human rights so that they could contribute in peace building and conflict resolution.
Intellectual Development
We enable the students to learn to think and evaluate themselves in relation to the world around them.

Our Commitment

We provide the best services

Quality Education

We have adopted an education system that works for every child, not a select few. This starts with providing a quality education for our children so they can learn, grow, and become responsible citizens.

Digital Literacy

Under the digital literacy, The GFA encourages students to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate the information, using both mental and technical skills.

Best Cirriculum

Curriculum is a great tool to enable students above than reading, writing, listening and understanding.
We follow such curriculum which enhances our students to think beyond syllabus and traditional teachings and this is being done by our well trained experts on a day to day basis.

Programs Offered


In this system of education, we enable the young children to develop their natural interests through various curricular activities rather than use formal teaching methods by the proper guidance and monitoring of experts

Primary Level
Primary Level

In this stage, we provide the young children a basic understanding of various subjects as well as the skills such as reading, writing, spelling, interpersonal communication which they could use throughout their lives through various curricular activities.

Basic Level
Basic Level

We regard this stage as the stage of learning, understanding and evaluating the fundamental concepts of various subjects through implementation of ideas practically. In this level, little kids understand about the subjects for the first time, so they are carefully nurtured by our experts

Secondary Level
Secondary Level

Students are trained for the competitive world by providing them modern curriculum based course by our skilled faculties.

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