We had planted a seed almost 3 decades ago named Kalpavriksha Higher Secondary School, Barhathawa and now we have a fruit which we know as The GFA. The GFA is not merely a traditional institution that is made by bricks, cement and other substances but it is our ambition and hence, a vision. We have invested our heart and soul with vision to make it a model institution. We are dedicated, devoted and focused to provide all aspects and dimensions of education to discover and utilize the hidden talents of children which help them to shape up their personality and carrier for the outer world on the basis of morality, humanity and contextual education. 

It is my dream that this school will transcend the wisdom of heritage ,spirituality and academic excellence to its students. I believe that The GFA will be proved to be the best platform for all students who are talented and unique in their own to express and explore their hidden capacity and caliber.

Gopal Karki